The Main Administration

At FinExpertiza KSA we believe that our people make our
product stand out from the rest.

Our team comprises of highly qualified individuals with
considerable practical experience in their field of expertise,

having worked in senior positions in KSA.

We are very supportive of our staff and help them grow through
rigorous on-the-job training to remain up-to-date at all times
with international professional and legal requirements.
Employees are also encouraged to pursue further studies at a
professional or academic level.

Finexpertiza International

Elena Trubnikova
Chair of the Global Board, FinExpertiza Network
Nina Kozlova
Director General, FinExpertiza Russia
Ilgis Baymuratov
Vice-President of Finexpertiza Network

Finexpertiza KSA

Mr. Abdulmajeed AlShreef : Managing Partner

Member of the Saudi Commission of Chartered Accountants.

Member of the Institute of Financial Accountants of the United Kingdom.

Member of the Institute of Public Accountants of Australia.

Member of the Saudi Board of Certified Residents _ Economic Establishments.

Member of the Saudi Board of Certified Residents _ Machinery and Equipment.

CMEI _ CmA Licensed Customer.

Finexpertiza KSA

Mr. Bashar Draghma :
Senior Director - Valuation.
Dr. Gamal Mohammed :
Senior Director – Tax & Zakat.
Dr. Samani Samani :
Senior Director - Consulting.
Mr. Ahmad Alsayed :
Senior Director - Assurance.
Mr. Mohammed Fares :
Manager – Legal Advisory.

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