Expertiza a rapidly developing international network of independent professional audit, valuation and consulting firms.

Our Mission

One firm One Quality

Global Presence

Suitable Alternative to the Big 4

Our Objectives

Providing high quality of services requires having high and achievable objectives, our objectives are:

– Credibility: there is a need for credibility in information and information systems.
– Professionalism: there is a need for auditors who can be clearly identified by clients, employers, and other interested parties as professional persons in the field of auditing and accounting.
– Quality of Services: there is a need for assurance that all services obtained from auditors and accountants are carried out to the highest standards of performance.
– Confidence: users of the services of auditors and accountants should be able to feel confident that there exists a framework of professional ethics which governs the provision of those services.

In 2014 FinExpertiza joined the Forum of Firms (under IFAC), FOF is an independent association of international networks of firms that perform transnational audits. Today, the Forum of Firms includes 27 biggest audit networks of the world. The FoFmembership assures that FinExpertizaNetwork provides high quality services in compliance with global standards on auditing, consulting, valuation and legal practices.

Members of the FOF must demonstrate their commitment to adhere to and promote the consistent application of high-quality audit practices worldwide, as detailed in the FOF Constitution. This is manifested in:

– Adherence to international quality control standards;
– Carrying out regular internal quality reviews;
– Policies and procedures to perform transnational audits based on international standards.

Our clients