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The Role of Audit Firms

An audit firm is an important institution in the modern business world, playing a crucial role in ensuring integrity and transparency in the financial operations of companies and organizations.


Audit Firms Services

Audit firms are crucial institutions that provide financial and accounting auditing services. With a large number of these firms operating worldwide, it raises interest in understanding the similarities and differences among them in terms of methodologies, quality, professional skills, and available expertise.


The Role of Audit Firms in Saudi Arabia in Assisting Foreign Investment Companies in Saudi Arabia

Foreign investment companies in Saudi Arabia play a crucial role in promoting economic development and achieving sustainable growth in the country. These companies face unique challenges when operating in a new market with a different business culture.


The internal auditor and the external auditor


The internal auditor and the external auditor are two distinct roles involved in the auditing process of an organization. While both roles contribute to ensuring financial accuracy and compliance, there are key differences between them: